It’s the little things

Last week, I helped a family get services for their child.  Their child is a great kid … he’s very social, he tries hard, he has some learning difficulties and he has a specific genetic syndrome that causes poor eye sight.  In fact, both of his lenses are dislocated.  He has been recommended for surgery on both eyes to correct the dislocation.

This, as you can imagine, makes seeing very difficult.  This boy wears very thick glasses, and still needs to place a book almost up to his nose to see the text.

In other words, this vision impairment is not only well documented, it is very noticeable.

Thick glasses are noticeable and a sign that seeing may be difficult.

Going into the meeting, we thought we would be able to have the school provide large-text books and perhaps audio books so that this boy could follow along.  The parents were willing to go out and purchase the books / audio books for home on their own, to help facilitate the process.  But, the school system could not provide any of these types of accommodations since the vision impairment specialist was not on sight.

Think about this… a child, who has two dislocated lenses and is probably considered legally blind, will not be given large print text books or audio books to help him learn!  It seems crazy!

The moral is this… sometimes the most obvious things are the most difficult to get through.

My advice: keep your focus the ultimate goal, don’t get discouraged and document what you know.   And remember, it’s about your kid … not about the politics.


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