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Want information to help you learn to be your own advocate?

Want help on what to expect during your IEP?

Have some questions about your specific situation?


I’ve developed three option just for you:

  1. PRIVATE COACHING CALL – spend an hour discussing your student’s needs and your concerns.
  2. PREPARE FOR YOUR COMING IEP – A MINI COURSE – a quick and informative e-course that will help you feel more confident about your upcoming IEP meeting by giving concrete things to do and ways to prepare.
  3. LEARN TO BE YOUR STUDENT’S OWN ADVOCATE – coming soon!  This e-course is designed for people who wants to better understand the IEP process, wants to evaluate what’s best for their student, and who wants to negotiate better in the IEP meeting.

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“SPARK to Learn has helped me get accommodations that I never thought were possible. My child, who used to struggle in school, now has a robust educational plan in place – with pull out and push in help with an educational specialist, an ipad to help him see what’s happening on the board, and prompts from the teacher to help him stay focused. Deena is a great tool to have on your side. She knows the process, and really works to make sure that my child got everything he needed, without burning any bridges. I would highly recommend her services.”

-Janene G.


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You will be taken to a different website where I’ve created and explained the three different options to learn about the IEP process without being in the same room.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: deena@sparktolearn.com

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