the “I” in IEP

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a school administer say “we don’t do that here”, or “that’s never been done”.

There’s a reason why the word INDIVIDUALIZED is the first word in the IEP process — each child should receive the specific support that he/she needs to succeed. Not the type of support that the school is comfortable offering. Not the cookie-cutter program that the teachers are used to. An INDIVIDUALIZED program. When the school administrators start pushing back, it’s a sign that the program that you are discussing is truly specific for your child.

Keep going.
Don’t let up.
You are an expert when it comes to your child.

Don’t let the administrators bully you into a program that isn’t right for your child.
And don’t feel bad. The whole point of the IEP process is to create an unique program that addressed YOUR child’s individual needs.



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